The Witch's Tale with Keloglan

  Once upon a time, there was once a bald young man who lived with his mother in a beautiful Anatolian village where the birds were singing incessantly in a sieve of straw. This Bald lad doesn't like to work at all. He was mischievous and whenever he got the chance, he would lie in a shadow and dream. Everyone loved this sweet-spoken, smiling young man, who wandered from village to village, and they called him Keloğlan. Keloğlan went to the edge of the creek as his donkey got on a larch before his mother woke up one morning. Lying in the shade of a large tree, he began to dream. A woman passing by at that time saw Keloğlan thinking absentmindedly, smiling and saying, “Keloğlan, do you want to achieve your dreams? Keloğlan, who immediately got up from where he was lying, was quite surprised. How does this woman know about my dreams, she thought, and started scratching her bald head. The witch said, "Hey Keloğlan, I'm telling you. Did not you hear it? Me.&quo